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Microstaq was a new MEMS manufacturer launching and needed to garner brand awareness within the industrial and HVAC industries as quickly as possible to secure a flagship customer for new funding. PRIME|PR was brought on to make that happen.


Top-Tier Customer Secured


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About Microstaq

DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ) is a MEMS technology company dedicated to advancing flow control solutions primarily for the HVAC, refrigeration and automotive industries. Our pioneering work in micro-electro-mechanical systems technology, understanding of customers’ needs and experiences translate into benefits that go far beyond flow control. DMQ solutions accelerate product development cycles, cut across design challenges, create warehousing efficiencies and reduce deployment time. With a core technology so versatile, DMQ can continue to package its devices along with the controls software for custom applications to fit a multitude of markets.

The Challenge

Microstaq, a developer of the world’s most advanced silicon MEMS-based fluid control technology, created a completely new technology that offered significant energy savings for the HVAC industry by replacing 100-year-old solenoid technology with MEMS devices.

While the technology was a true revolution, the HVAC space is a limited market dominated by a few top manufacturers. The Microstaq sales teams worked hard to create partnerships with these manufacturers but failed at every attempt. The manufacturers cared less about the energy savings and more about the cost of implementation of new technology – bottom line, the MEMS devices were considered too expensive.

Companies like Trane were very interested in the competitive advantage the energy savings could provide them, but either wanted exclusive rights to use the new technology, or wait for Microstaq to go out of business and purchase the technology for pennies on the dollar.

PRIME|PR Strategy

Microstaq realized they needed a positive public image and significant brand awareness boost if the company was to survive. They wanted the larger market to request these devices in their new AC units and almost force the top manufacturers to return to the negotiation table.

PRIME|PR was hired to create a story narrative that built the brand and engaged with public sentiment around environmentally-friendly technology.

We created a communications plan that utilized events promotion, speaking engagements, content development and a strong PR/AR campaign. We initially created a new, more consumer-focused Web site with video animation that easily highlighted the technology and how it greatly reduced energy consumption for AV units. We then secured a spot at the renowned DEMO conference and worked with media and analysts to get the narrative in front of the average consumer, hotel and facility management executives and top HVAC manufacturers – a true push/pull campaign.


Before a company can tell the right story to the right people, strategic messaging must be completed to ensure we are working with the right narrative from the start.

Video Creation

Content is king and video is the best medium to tell your story. We design content and websites only after messaging is completed so that every aspect of the site tells the right message at the right time.

Event Management

Both PRIME|PR and our strategic partner, Method Three, have more than 10 years in event production and brand activations. We are also the only marketing group that owns venues for high-quality activations made easy.

Media Relations

Earned media is the main goal of a strategic PR campaign. At the heart of our business are the relationships we’ve built with editors and reporters across the past 20 years. We call, they listen.


Microstaq was chosen as a DEMOgod at the Fall DEMO in San Diego, claiming most of the media coverage around the show – being called “the sexiest piece of technology no one knew about.”

Articles continued to follow in national business press to tech publications to HVAC verticals. Microstaq quickly became known as the “Intel Inside” of the HVAC industry and people flooded the market with questions of how and where to buy units with this new technology.

Eventually the top HVAC manufacturers came back to the table and create partnerships with Microstaq. In addition, repair & maintenance companies contacted Microstaq to upgrade existing AC units with the MEMS devices, creating a completely new market and all new revenue generation for Microstaq.


Immediate Funding


Top-Tier Awards


Share of Voice


Second Year Revenue Increase


Scott Wattenberg

“Few PR professionals have been able to so easily understand MEMS device technology. They have engineering experience and that’s a big differentiator in the overly saturated PR industry.”

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Answer: This is one of the most important questions to ask any PR firm. Unlike other firms that have different bills rates for staff according to title/position, we use a single bill rate of $150/hour for everyone that works on your account – but one of the biggest differences for our firm is that we have no junior staff, so you always work with someone with at least 15 years experience (which is typically $400+/hour at other firms).

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