Microstaq, a developer of the world’s most advanced silicon MEMS-based fluid control technology, created a completely new technology that offered significant energy savings for the HVAC industry by replacing 100-year-old solenoid technology with MEMS devices.

While the technology was a true revolution, the HVAC space is a limited market dominated by a few top manufacturers. The Microstaq sales teams worked hard to create partnerships with these manufacturers but failed at every attempt. The manufacturers cared less about the energy savings and more about the cost of implementation of new technology – bottom line, the MEMS devices were considered too expensive.

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XTech Staffing

XTech was a new company in semiconductor training – offering training to military and other occupations that needed retraining in modern semiconductor equipment. XTech built out the training facility and staffing services, but on one knew they were an option and suffered two quarters of devastating losses due to no marketing efforts.

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Techisource approached PRIME|PR to help build brand awareness of the company and turn around an ineffective internal PR/marketing team. PRIME|PR again employed a multi-tier media campaign to highlight the business problem and showcase how Technisource was uniquely positioned to solve IT skills gaps via their contingent labor model.

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White Glove

white glove

WhiteGlove was a new physician company launching in Austin, TX dedicating themselves to a new style of home health care services. They knew how they wanted to operate, but lacked the strategic business/marketing plan for a real go-to-market launch. They also had no brand awareness in the small area they serviced.

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Upon initial engagement with DJI (Chinese consumer drone maker) in November 2012, the company had no brand awareness in the US and had secured no coverage amongst mainstream or vertical media (outside the APAC region). PRIME|PR was tasked with rapidly building the DJI brand and helping to change the negative perception of drones in the North American market.

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Due to a legal battle between DJI and DJI NA, the company’s North America subsidiary was closed and all DJI operations went to China. Colin Guinn then joined fledgling US drone manufacturer 3D Robotics to lend his celebrity and thought leader status, as well as marketing contacts. Colin Guinn immediately contacted PRIME|PR to tap our expertise and media relationships in order to take share of voice from DJI in the North American market.

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